2,960 kilometres of pure, unadulterated freedom.

A road trip to celebrate Canada’s 150th year.

It’s not easy to pin down just why Canada is so incredible. Each province has its own identity. Each city its own attitude. And each person, a vibrant expression of where they came from and where they’re going. Canada is varied, vast, and multifaceted, and that’s exactly why it’s great. Each piece comes together harmoniously to make up the whole.

As you embark on this tour during the country’s 150th year of confederation, we invite you to experience the cultural mosaic we call Canada. Its world-class cities, rich history, vibrant coastlines, rugged terrain, and lush, understated wilderness offer new sights and sounds with every turn. And throughout each new experience, you’ll rely on one thing and one thing only to get you there–a Porsche.

During this 10-day, 9-night Porsche Tour, you’ll find yourself behind the wheel of the legendary 911 Carrera 4S. Food will be served in world-class restaurants, and you’ll rest your head in only the finest accommodations. Every leg of the tour is designed to unite the driver and explorer that live in all of us, to experience just how far Canada has come in 150 years.

Porsche Tour Canada 150 sports car.

911 Carrera 4S

Power:                                                  420 hp

Acceleration from 0 - 100 km:              3.8 s

Top Track Speed:                                 303 km/h