Push a Porsche to the limit.


Professional instruction in different Porsche sports car models, all provided by us.


Maximum performance is about more than horsepower and torque. A Porsche is a precision instrument that reacts to every movement you make—steering, braking, accelerating—and puts it into action exactly. In this intensive course, designed to hone your driving skills, you will be learning by doing in different Porsche sports cars.

If practice makes perfect, perfection begins with precision.

Training focuses on how to handle the car and basic driving safety. You will practice taking evasive action and experience the effect that even slight differences in speed can have on the intensity of load changes, gradually simulating driving conditions in which the car threatens to oversteer. Then, you’ll have plenty of time to practice accurate steering, skillful braking and careful acceleration as you complete full laps of the circuit.

Just as important as our cars and your training are the Porsche Instructors at any Porsche Track Experience. They have incredible passion and knowledge for both Porsche and sport driving, and would love nothing more than to share their wealth of experience and enthusiasm with you.

From the basics of car control through to applying for your own racing license, you decide where the journey will go — and we will show you how to get there. Step by step. At different training levels.

The Porsche sports cars.*

The new 911 Carrera S

Power:                                                     443 hp

Acceleration from 0 - 100 km:          3.7 s

Top Track Speed:                                   308 km/h

Transmission:                                         PDK

*Exact models subject to change.

718 Cayman S

Power:                                                     350 hp

Acceleration from 0 - 100 km:          4.2 s

Top Track Speed:                                   285 km/h

Transmission:                                         PDK