porsche car

An unforgettable drive begins in an iconic sports car.

Only a Porsche Experience can offer you the opportunity to push a Porsche to its limit while discovering your own. Designed for drivers of every level and taught by the industry’s most accomplished instructors, our perfectly curated programs give drivers a glimpse into the true capabilities of their favourite sports car.

Each experience is designed to enhance the connection between Porsche and driver. Through hands-on training, you’ll master the drive, conquer the road, and most importantly, move in harmony with the spirit of Porsche. No matter which program you choose, you’ll undoubtedly discover what makes a Porsche so special.

The next level of Porsche performance lies beyond your daily commute. Learn more about all of our Porsche Experiences and see driving from a whole new angle.


Choose your Experience

porsche car

Ice Experience


Seize the short winter days, reclaim the season, and command winter in a Porsche.

Track Experience

You've been fascinated by Porsche on the road, now imagine its prowess on the track.

Travel Experience

Combine a love of travel with a passion for driving, and see the world from behind the wheel of a Porsche.

Frequently Asked Questions

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